Our Mission

Here at Casinosters, we believe that gambling should be enjoyable, safe, and transparent. We’ve started this initiative to provide independent reviews on UK online casinos. We are the full team of gambling enthusiasts that aims at improving users’ gambling experience around the country.
Founded only in 2020, Casinosters stand strong on their feet at the age of online gambling. As more and more online casinos appear every year, more and more pitfalls and fraud schemes arise. Illegal online casinos cause a lot of trouble not only for players but for decent casinos and game providers. We want to keep the industry clean to let both parties maximise their joy.
We don’t encourage you to gamble. We don’t say whether it’s bad or not. Our goal is to make sure you stay safe if you decide to play.

Reasons to Trust Us

  • Independence. Our reviews are based on our own thoughts and conclusions. We are never influenced by third parties and don’t get paid by casinos to promote them.
  • The team that knows the drill. Our team consists of old gamblers, pro players, and former casino-game developers. We know the field inside and out. We’ve all been there and still are.
  • We stand for responsible gambling. It’s one of the reasons we founded Casinosters in the first place. We believe gambling should bring joy, not trouble. We’re not here for money, we’re here for a reason.
  • Individual approach. We spend hours at every casino presented on our website. Not just gaming. We manually study each of them to collect only relevant first-hand data. We believe that is the only way to make the right conclusion.

Our Review Criteria

License and Security

Every legal casino has to obtain a license to operate in the UK. We make sure casinos on our website are clean and regulated by one of the accepted licenses in the country (UKGC, Malta, Curacao, etc). A casino that is hiding from the law can never be trusted and can never end up on one of our lists.


Speed as well as variety. A typical casino on our list provides different ways to withdraw and deposit money. We want a gambling process to be accessible and waste as little time on technical issues as possible.

Device Optimisation

Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. A lot of users prefer mobile gaming and even tried playing on pc. Our team makes sure casinos are optimized for both pc and mobile usage.

Gaming Experience

As we all have been there, we know how much does the variety of games and reliable game providers matter. The more games a casino provides the more are the chances for it to end up in our list. It doesn’t mean we’re gonna skip top specialized casinos. It’s quality gaming we’re after.

Bonus Offers

You will hardly find a signage casino with no bonuses nowadays. Not all of them can be trusted though. At Casinosters, we prefer reasonable and real bonuses to enormous prices with unreachable wagering requirements. Every bonus should be easy to get just as its casino.

Customer Support

Problems happen, questions arise. It doesn’t make a casino bad. It only means it’s operating. What casinos do after that’s what matters. Customer support service should be accessible at any time of the day, preferably by different means.

Casinosters Team

Our team consists of gambling enthusiasts with experience in the field. There is not a single person working with us who hasn’t tried online casinos. We know our business well, and we know it from the inside. Let’s take a closer look at the professional we ask you to trust.

  • Casino reviewers. Mostly old players or former casino games developers, they are the vanguard of our team. Every one of them has at least three years of experience in online or offline gambling. We try to keep our specialists diverse to cover all the game types. Here is the only place you can find both a dealer with 10 years in Vegas and a professional poker player reviewing the websites.
  • Legal adviser. Every casino, every terms and conditions page, every gambling commission have their own differences. Therefore, to make it simple we have a legal professional to advise us on any legal questions that might appear during the work process.
  • Marketing specialist. A person who deals with all our external communications and affairs.
  • Content editors and managers. To keep our website up to date, running, and beautiful as it is now, we need someone to constantly look over it.
Jack Johnson Founder, CEO
As a founding member, Jack is responsible for setting up a team and defining the Casinosters concept and brand idea. He is also a leading person in the Legal and Content creating department making sure our brand delivers quality and up-to-date casino reviews for the UK gambling community.
Ethan Silberstein Casino Reviewer, Content Editor
Ethan Silberstein joined Casinosters in 2020 and helped to publish quality casino reviews by planning the content format and coaching writers. His honest experience being a real player and visiting a variety of land based casinos helped Casinosters to stand out from the competitors and deliver impartial reviews.
Sebastian Wong CMO, Marketing Lead
As Chief Marketing Officer, Sebastian Wong is ultimately responsible for the commercial success of Casinosters. His extensive experience in the online gambling industry started in 2017 as an affiliate manager. In recent years, Sebastian has helped to establish Casinosters as a recognizable brand among the gambling community in the UK.
David Coldman Casino reviewer, Brand Ambassador
David Coldman has been a true enthusiast of the online gambling industry since 2019. He plans and coordinates Casinosters casino reviews together with the team of content writers and helps to promote the brand using search engines.

How Do We Make Money

Casinosters is an affiliation website. We are not an online casino, and we don’t offer any gambling services. We are not paid by casinos to promote them directly or to provide good reviews about their websites. Instead, we get compensation for every person who signs up and plays at any online casino through our website.

Every review is written independently, and there is no way for a casino to end up at the top of the list by paying us money. There are so many professional and decent online casinos that it makes no sense not to play fair.

Affiliation is a common practice in different fields. Well-known online stores like Amazon or travel websites like booking.com have affiliate programs. It allows bloggers, influencers, and websites like ours to provide real feedback and be profitable for both parties. Affiliation is a common marketing strategy, and casinos would be short-sighted not to use it as well.

Affiliation agreement does not affect a website’s reputation. We never force users to choose a specific casino but provide a full list of the fitting ones in the category our readers seek. Any choice through our website would lead to a small compensation for our team so online casino providers have to compete and improve their services if they want to engage the clients through us. That is the ONLY way.

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